Watch History - Small Devices that Keep Track of Time

From the moment they first appeared in the public, small portable clocks called watches immediately captured the imagination of inventors, engineers, fashion designers and people. Here you can find out more about their fascinating history.

Old Historical Watch

History of Watches

Watches are some of the most popular clock designs in the world. Find out here how and when they were created, what innovations made them better and how they managed to capture attention of entire world.

Pocket Watch

History of Pocket Watches

History of pocket watch covers the period between late 1600s and modern times when pocket watches are relatively rare. Here you can see how they were made, become extremely popular and then finaly slowly disappeared from public attention.

Automatic Watch

History of Automatic Watch

History of Automatic Watch gives the clear picture of the modern clock origins. Now when majority of the world’s clocks are running on automatic and renewable power sources, this history is more important than ever before.

Chronograph Watch


Chronograph is a type of watch that is a combination of a timekeeping display watch and a stopwatch. The stopwatch is designed to measure the amount of time between activation and deactivation of the device. Chronograph represents an old world craftsmanship as well as real word utility. The use of chronograph is in diving, submarine navigation, car racing, and piloting airplanes.

Old Pocket Watch