Inventors of Clocks, Watches and Stopwatches

Inventors of clocks, watches and stopwatches have not only produced simple devices for our convenience, but they have also created great changes in the way our modern society evolves and operates. Find more about famous clock inventors here.

Old Clocks Mechanism

Who invented Clock?

Clocks are ancient devices that first appeared in our history at the very beginning of the modern human civilization in Middle East and Northern Africa. However, records can indeed provide much more information about the modern age of clock history and the inventors who enabled us all to have cheap and reliable clocks today.


Who Invented the Stopwatch?

Stopwatch is one of the most important time measuring devices of modern human history. It enabled us to expand our scientific knowledge, conquer the world during the age of sail, and provide invaluable tool for quick and reliable measurement of time. Find out more about stopwatches here.

Peter Henlein Watch

Peter Henlein - The Inventor of the First Watch

Even though he was not the original creator of clock mechanisms, Peter Henlein is today regarded as the father of the modern age of clocks. With his 1510 invention of small pocket watch, he became instantly famous and provided inspiration for countless other innovators who came after him.

Historical Clock