Clock History - Origins of Timekeeping Devices

Clocks have been with us since the dawn of ancient human civilizations, and ever since then we always strived to improve them, make them more portable, reliable and easier to produce. Here you can find everything that you need to know about history of this influential device.

Primitive Sundial

History of Timekeeping Devices

Timekeeping devices started appearing at the very dawn of modern human civilizations, and ever since then they received steady rate of upgrades and innovations that enabled us to create modern world that we live in today.

Ancient Clock

History of Clocks

When we look across the last 500 years, we can see that development of clocks went through several distinct phases of life. Here you can learn more about them and see how steady rate of technical innovation and fashion swings influenced the modern clock industry.

Sundial Picture

History of Sundials

Sundials are incredibly important time keeping devices that enabled fist modern civilizations to organize their lives and businesses, from the 4rd millennia BC onward. Here you can witness their incredible journey through the history.

Clocks and Time

Clock Timeline

Measuring of time was discovered in the dawn of our modern civilization, more than 6 thousand years ago. Here you can witness the timeline of the most important events of clock history.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock

A cuckoo clock is a clock that uses a pendulum and strikes the hours with a sound like a cuckoo bird’s call. It has a mechanism with cuckoo bird figure that moves forward with each strike through a small trap door. Usual style was with wood decorated ornaments and 3-D woodcarvings.

Gold Clock Old